20341 Curve of Lakeshore Avenue from pedestrian bridge during Love Our Lake Day

19597 Outer Mission St. packed during Excelsior Sunday Streets

19545 Chairs and table on Mission with Mission Terrace in the background

19367 Volunteer Tim in the sunny intersection at Sacramento amidst rest of shaded Grant Avenue

18067 Simultaneous pedestrian scramble signal phases on Stockton

17665 Yes, Pedal slowly on 24th St. at Florida

16985 Little girl decides to give hula hoop a try

16671 Walking the line on O'Farrell to Hyde

16657 Opening and reading the mail on Ellis east of Larkin

15178 Clouds loom over Cupid's Span (bow and arrow) along the Embarcadero

13646 Archbishop Riordan High School Crusaders marching band

12988 Volunteers chat on Golden Gate at Broderick

12927 Girls on scooters figure out where to go next from Fillmore at O'Farrell

12862 Portsmouth Square benches with water sprinkler mist

12786 Pedestrian on southern sidewalk of Broadway Tunnel

12381 Second line of new bike lane on Townsend complete

12356 So they sprinkled white dust in your new bike lane

11898 Cones turn left from 7th St. to Washington

11712 Perfect day for strolling down 24th Street

11386 But where do skateboards go

10443 Almost one block of Market separated bike path complete

10174 Shades of red

09699 Richmond train departs Bayfair BART Station

09377 Seating for nine at Caffe Roma Park(ing) Day spot in front of seating for four

09307 Red light and Folsom Street Fair heart

09191 Colorful row houses along the Great Highway

09173 Walking with flowers on the Great Highway

08017 Bikes and SFBC tent in the mirror

07527 Eastman at Russell

06911 Police staredown on 24th St. at Folsom

06818 Blackout on north side of Geary from Larkin

06511 Red streetcar going

06504 Red streetcar in the distance

06503 Two pedestrians on the tracks

05486 Streaking down Howard to SOMA Grand

05144 Mass turns off Market onto Turk

03618 Purple skyline with Fox Plaza Apartments and City Hall