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17th Street Plaza (2010)

When one block of San Francisco is transformed into a pedestrian plaza in 72 hours, the city’s first-ever trial street closure gives birth to an urban oasis.

17th Street Plaza

17th Street Plaza (2010) from Chanarchy on Vimeo.

Since You’ve Been Ong (2007)

When Elizabeth Ong fails to show up, her three friends rush to give their versions of the day’s shenanigans in the alleyways of Chinatown.

Since You've Been Ong

Since You’ve Been Ong (2007) from Chanarchy on Vimeo.

Russian Hill Roulette (2006)

A cyclist tries to pedal up the six steepest streets of San Francisco, but the city’s steepest in Russian Hill gets the best of him.

Russian Hill Roulette

Russian Hill Roulette (2006) from Chanarchy on Vimeo.