21383 I head out to ride and see wet bike corral on SW Stark before SW 10th Ave.

20777 Out 30. Market at 10th (Polk) - now with matching celeste Muni streetcar

20612 In-Out 13. Embarcadero at Bryant - now just south of the Bay Bridge

20600 In 11. Embarcadero at Folsom - Bow and Seatpost

20203 CicLAvia waits on Venice Blvd. to cross La Cienega with the 10 Santa Monica Freeway looming

20186 Looking east on Venice Blvd. from Sepulveda

20181 CicLAvia passes under the 405 San Diego Freeway on Venice Blvd

19386 Learning on balance bike by going up Jackson approaching Grant

19163 Bike parking at east end of Sunset Triangle Plaza at Griffith Park Blvd. and Sunset Blvd.

19003 Boy joins girl at cones of Freedom From Training Wheels on Valencia north of 24th St.

18241 Freedom From Training Wheels at Sunday Streets - Wanna race?

17048 Sweet Child o' Freedom From Training Wheels

16929 With and without training wheels on Fulton at Pierce

16530 Survivors of Seven Hells of SF 2011 on Broadway at Divisadero - take 1 (me leaning)

14988 East Bay Bike Party turns left from Whitman onto Tennyson

12986 Chasing bubbles up Baker to Golden Gate

12689 Marc on North Point nearing Hyde

12460 Third wave of Ice Cream Riders coasts down dashed green pavement on Fell approaching Divisadero

12404 Lifting cyclist stencil

12384 MTA paint crew whips out the cyclist stencil

11977 Greg in the drops on south side descent of Twin Peaks

11722 Scooting along Harrison

11534 View back up 3rd St. from SFBC tent

11408 East side of Valencia north of 22nd near Boogaloos

11348 East on Market from 11th to 10th

11246 Volunteer takes a well-deserved walk after Sunday Streets ends

09573 Day 2: Private vehicles turn onto 6th St., bike and bus proceed ahead

09429 On-Street Bike Parking - Good for bikes + Good for business

09417 On-Street Bike Parking outside Four Barrel Coffee on Park(ing) Day

08142 Meli and her Frenchie nearing the top of Clipper

07985 Back seat has hay padding on 24th St. between Bryant and Florida

07556 Wicker basket on Omafiet indoors, messenger bag on Market St. cyclist outdoors

07213 Variety of business footwear in the front row of the South Light Court

07167 Rows of valet bike parking in front of City Hall

06422 Neal and Dan are all business after colorful press conference

05871 Sisters with balloons trail dad

04877 Jym takes colored lane for a test ride

04551 Snow in the Paisley Blvd. bike lane

04459 Dundas at Spadina, she

02755 Washington Monument through handlebars

02566 Ride Green/Green Ride is by Lucky Rapp and Matthew McKee

01527 She likes pink and orange

00119 The slog up Warren continues